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Ijo Temple, The Mysterious Beauty on the Hill

  • Candi Ijo or Ijo Temple was built on the Green Hill or Gumuk Ijo. This temple is the highest location in Yogyakarta. From the temple terrace, visitors can see beautiful landscapes and also a charming sunset.

    The eastern part of Yogyakarta is rich in magnificent temple buildings to small and beautiful temples. Starting from the most popular ones such as Prambanan Temple and Ratu Boko Palace, to hidden temples such as Plaosan Temple, Sambisari Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple, Sewu Temple, Tara Temple, and many more. One of the beautiful temples that has not been discussed so much is Ijo Temple.

    Ijo Temple was built around the 9th century. The temple complex consists of 17 building structures which are divided into 11 terraces. The laying of the building on each terrace is based on its sacredness, and the building on the highest terrace is the most sacred building. Currently the building that is still intact is located on the 11th terrace. On the highest terrace there are four buildings in the form of one main temple and three ancillary temples.

    Located south of the Ratu Boko Palace Complex, Candi Ijo stands proudly. The building which is located on the hillside makes this temple the highest location in Jogja. From the terrace of the temple, tourists can see residential areas and farming areas below, iron birds landing and taking off from Adi Sutjipto airport, the landscape of Merapi, to the sunset view.

    There is balon sky dancer and jual plakat murah that makes temple become attractive. 

    Interesting Facts about Ijo Temple

    1. Ijo Temple is located at an altitude of 410 m above sea level making it the highest location temple complex in Yogyakarta.
    2. The best time to enjoy the charm of Ijo Temple is in the afternoon where the temple stones are washed down by the twilight sun. In addition, visitors can watch the beautiful sunset.
    3. On the 9th terrace of Ijo Temple there is a stone inscription containing spells that are thought to be curses.
    4. Around Ijo Temple there is a limestone mining site. The mining area in the form of white limestone cliffs is often used as a shooting location. People often refer to it as the White Canyon.

    Location and Access

    Ijo Temple is located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman. To reach Ijo Temple, tourists who come from the direction of Solo can follow the Prambanan highway.

    When you come at afternoon dont forget to bring jual payung promosi to cover your head from sunshine.