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Plaosan Temple "Twin Temples" Blend of Hindu-Buddhist Culture

  • Plaosan Temple is a building in the form of two twin temples because the size and shape of the temples are the same. The temple that stands in the south is called Plaosan Kidul Temple, while the temple that stands in the north is called Plaosan Lor Temple. The twin temples are 15 meters long, 10 meters wide and 15 meters high. What distinguishes the two temples is the reliefs and ornaments that have their own shapes and styles.

    Plaosan Temple is a Twin Temple

    The distance between Plaosan Lor Temple and Plaosan Kidul Temple is about 20 m and is limited or separated by a parapet that surrounds each of these temples. There is a carved gate that serves as a way in and out of the courtyard of each temple. Plaosan Temple is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist cultures which can be seen from the shape and structure of the temple building, the temple with a towering building is a feature of a Hindu temple, while the base of the temple with a wide structure shows that the temple building is characterized by Buddhist cultural heritage.

    Plaosan Temple has the strength of the mind of a couple from Rakai Pikatan with Pramudya Wardani so that it can bring a romantic blessing to anyone who visits this temple. It is said that Plaosan temple is able to bring blessings to couples who have not yet had children, by pleading in this place, the hope of the couple finally succeeds in getting offspring as expected.

    The application time should be carried out on Kliwon Friday night or Kliwon Tuesday night. The ritual must be performed three times, either three times in a row or three times on different days, the important thing is that the ritual is even three times. 

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    Plaosan Temple Location:

    Plaosan Temple is located in Plaosan Hamlet, Prambanan District, Klaten, Central Java Province Access to Plaosan Temple In order to easily reach this location if you come from Yogyakarta, you should use a private vehicle. By following Jalan Solo to Prambanan District, you will find the third red light (east of the Post Office / if you go south to Prambanan station) then turn left towards Manisrenggo Klaten).

    Then follow the road until the intersection (Central Java Archaeological Heritage Preservation Office) is on the left/west side of the road. Next, look towards the East or the right where Plaosan Temple stands majestically awaiting your arrival.

    Plaosan Temple Ticket:

    Prices To enter the temple area, you are only asked to pay Rp.5000 and fill out a guest book, the two-wheel parking fee is Rp. 2,000,- and the car park fee is Rp. 5,000 (June 2014 )


    The facilities around Plaosan Temple include lodging and a playground in the temple area, while the temple is located close to hospitals, village offices, sub-district offices, schools and houses of worship.