Write Your Press Release Headline

  • Now that you identified something newsworthy, it’s time to take that news and refine it.

    Specifically, you want to turn that piece of news into a strong hook.

    (Your “hook”, sometimes also called your “angle” is how you present your news)

    And when you use a hook that people care about, you’ve got yourself a SOLID hook.

    Let’s get right into it.

    A Real Life Example of a Hook

    Let’s take another look at the industry study we talked about earlier.

    BuzzSumo study post

    This industry study was really geared towards SEO and content marketing professionals.

    For example, the study writeup used terms like “backlink acquisition”.

    That’s a term that only marketing pros would understand.

    And I knew that if we used this same approach with our press release, it wouldn’t get picked up.

    So for the release, we used a hook with broad appeal.

    Specifically, our hook was we helped figure out why people share content online.

    Users more likely to share long-form content

    In other words:

    We took a dry topic that only appealed to pro marketers… and turned it into a hook that would appeal to more people.

    And it worked!

    Like I mentioned earlier, our story got picked up by a handful of sites:

    Story got picked up

    (Many of which first saw our study from our press release).

    And I’m confident that our press release wouldn’t have worked if we went with a hook like: “Long-form content is ideal for backlink acquisition”.

    With that, here are 3 powerful hooks you can use.