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Different types of Pavements that a Pavement Contractor deals w

  • Are you thinking of laying pavements around your garden or property? Not only such a construction is useful in enhancing the beauty and aestheticism of the property but also allows people to walk around the garden or take a brisk stroll in the evenings amidst natural bounty. It is a crucial part of landscaping your property. Paving around it is a must. Pavements require regular maintenance to stay in great shape for many years. Property looks better if it has well-maintained streets. Do you have the skills to do such work professionally? You should contact a paving contractor who can deal with all types of pavements. find more info

    1. Flexible pavements are a type of paved structure which is made up of many layers of construction materials. The topmost layer is usually made from the highest quality materials. The topmost layers are where traffic is most intense, frequent and stressful. Regular maintenance will ensure that the surface is resistant to heavy traffic and treads. This type of flexible paved area can be considered as a multi-layer system comprising:

    2. Perpetual pavements: This is a type of structural design that remains intact for a considerable length of time. However, a reputed paving contractor in addition to using the best quality materials and appropriate construction methods might suggest occasional maintenance for this type. If you don't choose experienced and skilled paving contractors, you could face problems such as permeability, moisture retention and variability in density. Correctly maintained structures are capable of withstanding heavy stress and tension without structural deterioration. pavement puddle repair

    3. Rigid pavements- This type of surface is essentially hydraulic cement concrete. The concrete slabs at the topmost layers provide the maximum strength to the paved surface. The rigid pavements are stronger than the others, as indicated by their name. High elasticity modulus construction materials are responsible for this rigidity. It also results in considerably low deflections (the plate theory). This type of paved area requires regular maintenance to ensure rigidity.