Good Machinery Shapes The Future

  • This is not our intention nor the solution that we offer to operators.


    to propose a solution to perform various surface processes on marble, granite or stone slabs of various thicknesses and shapes, with a machine that works autonomously, making some processes economically advantageous.

    Over the years, we has specialised in offering solutions for sludge dewatering and water clarification for subsequent reuse in the production cycle of laboratories and sawmills.

    our background, which starts from when it was founded in 1964, speaks of producing stone processing machines and above all slab polishing machines, being among the first manufacturers to offer innovative solutions to the companies that were looking at this sector.

    For this reason, in addition to water treatment plants, it was decided to specialise in manufacturing single-head stone polishing machine for laboratory use or for polishing small lots of high-quality materials.