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FOG runses should be introduced

  • Level 95 Slayer Monster. What is the best thing about a monster one? Good drops regularly or very high drops. This is an excellent upgrade to RuneScape Gold Slayer repitoirs.

    This staff is even stronger than the legendary master wand. It is also rare as it's only available on the ge at 20mil coin. What makes this so special? There is a possibility that a spell of lower level can be cast by casting the spell. This is as long as your staff is either anceint or classic magic. This is possible through...

    Magic level/10 higher than 10. This means when you reach 99 Magic you stand a one-in-ten chance of the effect triggering and this could be changed by using seercull and pots however. The effect of the spell on ananceints only applies to the stronger effect. Blood Barrage can only heal barrage and not blitz.

    For example Smoke barrage would also reduce the attack of opponents by 15 percent, poisons for 4 and restore the caster's health by 25%, and freeze the caster for 20 seconds. Smoke burst can also cut down the opponent's attack by 10%. Two poisons will restore the casters health to 25%, and then they'd be frozen for 10 seconds.

    FOG runses should be introduced. Savings invent space First, elemntal and cataytic ranes should be priced at around 20gp each. This is an enormous space saver for amges, as Blook spells are able to be cast using only one rune. It allows mages to carry more runes and also gives 95 slayer a consistent income generator! Strategies for VAs. First, spotting them is not going to work, you need to constantly avoid th area attack. Protecting the your range, which leaves you open to OSRS Buy Gold the mellee attack unless foguht in mellee.