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All runes and arrows are provided

  • It was a brand new game that combined pest control, FoG, Clan Wars and Castle Wars. Here's how it plays you can compete against other people to fight in RuneScape Gold Duel Arena. Or you can take on your opponents in clan wars.

    All runes and arrows are provided. The rewards are similar to Pest Control with the exception that you can increase your summoning using the points. Another option is to join forces with a large group of individuals.

    Imagine you enter a portal to join two teams randomly. Then you begin a war based on the level of combat (selection is based on combat level) in order to build equal teams. Post any suggestions for new minigames.

    Teams will be able, when challenged by others to design scenes similar to those they play in clan battles or a duel arena. Additionally, I was intrigued by the need to know what the rewards will be. You will get points depending on the amount of damage you do to the game.

    These points will then subtracted from the number you've earned. The outcome of the game is determined by the total of your points. This will be an easy mini game. It would be wonderful to use your points to buy genie lamp(or similar items) then apply it to OSRS Buy Gold any skill. (Be aware, this won't be a large amount of exp you'll end up getting).