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You can read my opinions and then write your own

  • They've already suggested that by saying "To some extent, I think us developers (and players) must acknowledge that the holiday items won't ever be the most frequently used items in RuneScape Gold the game, but that doesn't mean they should be discarded as unimportant." (Dev Blog Holiday Event: A Christmas Warble). Are you intrigued by this idea or simply looking for something that looks cool and is suitable for use when you are playing?

    This is a great idea. It provides new players a reason to participate in the holidays. When I first started runescape I was unsure of the need to attend the easter celebration, because since the ring was useless, and all the good training spots were virtually empty. I would have been there if I had known they were beneficial. I am disappointed that I didn't go as I consider the egg rings one of the greatest rewards.

    I was interested to know what others think about rumoured updates like Acheron and the Eastern landmass. You can read my opinions and then write your own.

    I would like to see this be like a large-scale Barbarian Community, because Barbarians are known for their generosity. Villages, people are able to help one another out. Fishermen give cooks money and cooks donate to fighters. It will likely be quite big, I believe. it would have a port of entry and hunter outposts. These would be the only places free of the freezing effect (frostbite sets in and damages your clothes, and special clothing delay timer till it is set in. You can find it here.

    You could also track large game, like mammoths across the globe and bring them down. Fishers could catch special fish only found in northern waters. Mammoth fur clothes would eventually be inaccessible. Crafters are in 2007 RS Items a position to keep the items moving and will be vital. A fire can be lit and positioned near the fire to set the frostbite timer. There are special artic trees scattered all across the continent. Penguin patrols are an ongoing danger. Special ores could also be found.