Solar Path Light Manufacturer-Light Wizard At Night


    The solar path light can improve the safety of people travelling at night, increase the time for outdoor activities and effectively protect the safety of life and property. It can also improve people's mood, optimize people's mood, and can change people's ideas to create a palette-like night with alternate light and shade. It can be said that the solar path light manufacturer greatly facilitates people's life, improves the quality of life, brightens and embellishes the living environment, and benefits a lot.

    Solar path light also have many characteristics:

    1. High brightness: LED light source can be used for the new solar path light, which is 50% brighter than the conventional solar path light.

    2. High quality: Solar path light are made of durable materials that are resistant to corrosion and ageing.

    3. Long service life: up to 100,000 h or more.

    4. High efficiency and energy saving: LED lights are used for lighting, saving energy and electricity.

    5. High safety: The solar path light is a low-voltage product. It is powered by 12V or 24V DC, which is safe and harmless and can effectively protect children, pedestrians and animals. The light body adopts a high-strength structural design with high wind resistance and external force resistance.

    6. Easy installation: easy installation, independent power supply, no need to erect or embed power transmission lines, simple construction and low construction cost.

    During the day, the solar path light can embellish the city scenery. At night, the solar path light can not only provide necessary lighting and living convenience, increase residents' sense of security, but also highlight the bright spots of the city and deduce a bright style.

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