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The Little-Hyped, Yet Highly Effective Pest Control Approaches

  • When we hear the term pest control, the first thing that comes to mind is either someone holding a sprayer on our backs or an aircraft hovering over large farms, trying to eliminate pests. It is the chemicals that are sprayed in both cases that will eventually eradicate the pests. Pest-control, therefore, has been equated to the "use of chemicals." Perhaps this is something caused by the informational campaigns done by the makers of the various pest control chemicals. It could be related to the information we receive from our schools regarding pest-control. The end result, regardless of its origin, is a sort of "hype" where chemicals are considered the only solution to the pest problem. It doesn't matter if the pests that are bothering you are cockroaches in the kitchen, rats in the storeroom, bedbugs or aphids in the garden. The solution is simple: get the right chemicals.

    The chemical approach to pest management is highly effective. Sometimes, it even achieves 100% success rates. It is also highly efficient. It is also highly effective. But we shouldn't be tempted to think that pest-control can only be achieved through chemical use. In many cases, pest control can be done without using chemicals. This is a wonderful fact in an environment where pesticides can cause harm to the environment. It turns out there are many other effective and well-respected pest control methods available that can be used to replace chemicals. pest control services, Germantown

    The best and most simple way to combat pests is to eliminate their breeding ground. Pests rarely invade in large numbers. Instead, a few pests will enter and reproduce, resulting in swarms that cannot be controlled chemically. If the breeding grounds could be identified early enough, and then destroyed, the pest problem wouldn't arise. Yet one need not use chemicals to combat these types of pests, when they could be just as easily -and probably more effectively - combated by trapping.

    One of the most overlooked, yet highly effective methods for controlling pests such as aphids is biological control. It works by introducing other organisms capable of eating the pests (like the aphids here) into the area. This results in a party for the predators and complete elimination of the pests. termite treatment