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Charter Flights to the Holiday Destination of Your Choice

  • More and more families are deciding to take private jets to their out-of-country vacation spots. Private air charter companies are making an effort to make private planes more accessible to those who would usually fly first class. Companies are aspiring to save customers money, sometimes even up to 50 percent between top-tier markets.

    Those new to private jet charter may have many questions. How can you know that you are getting great service at a great price without compromising what you need? Private jet charter involves a significant monetary commitment and not all private air charter companies may have the standards you might think are universal.

    Choosing a private jet company that is right for you is of the utmost importance when considering private jet charter and therefore may require thorough research. Be certain that your jet charter company has a great safety and service record and reputation. Find out how long the company has been in business and who owns it.

    When you discover the right private jet company for you, planning how to arrive and depart from your vacation destination should be simple. A private jet company whose prerogative is serving you will be readily able to meet your requests. You will have a jet charter representative that will consult with you and aid you in choosing the private jet that meets your needs. Basic questions that your representative will ask to ensure he has enough information to help you properly are as follows:

    • When and where are you vacationing?
    • How long is your planned stay?
    • How many passengers will be traveling with you?
    • How much luggage will you and your passengers be bringing?
    • Will you be bringing any pets while you travel?
    • Is the speed of a private jet more important to you than cabin room?

    Knowing the answers to these questions will give your jet charter representative a thorough idea of what you need and how to get it for you. Consulting with your private jet representative is key in finding the right-sized private jet for you as there are many choices out there.

    Jets come in many sizes; some private jets are built to hold a maximum of four passengers and then some commercial jets are modified to hold up to 100. Luggage must be considered when choosing your jet as many private jets are built compactly and are therefore unable to hold large amounts of luggage.