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PC Gamers Will Miss Out on Madden NFL 22

  • It's odd that Madden 22's PC version doesn't receive some of the most significant updates in a year that brings such significant improvements to the franchise.

    EA has finally released some information about its upcoming Madden NFL 22 game. This year's Madden game promises some significant changes to the gameplay and immersion, particularly in the fan-favorite Franchise mode. This could be quite refreshing for a series that has been stagnant for years, but Madden 22 PC players will miss out on some of the most significant new additions.

    Some of the most significant improvements to Madden 22 Coins are new features for Dynamic Gameday that make each matchup more interesting, but these will only be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. While it's understandable that last-gen consoles might not be able to handle newer technology, it's strange that PC players have been left out in the cold. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time EA has left PC players out in the cold. It wasn't until Madden 19 that the Madden franchise returned to computers, and now, just a few years later, it appears that EA is once again dividing the player base.

    Perhaps there aren't that many PC gamers, at least not by EA's standards. However, despite negative reviews, Madden 21 outsold its predecessors, continuing a trend that began in previous years. Despite the fact that the PC audience played at least some role in this, if only a minor one, it is still being ignored for several key aspects of Madden 22.

    Major new features are absent from Madden 22 PC.

    Madden 22's Dynamic ModeGameday features will improve on the utilization of Next Generation Stats, which means that in-game players will better mimic their real-world counterparts, with more accurate movements and tendencies. Gameday atmosphere adjustments will bring back some fan-favorite stadium details while also introducing new stadium effects that will change the feel of each game. These enhancements are intended to bring back some of Madden's most memorable moments, which have been lost over the years due to the game engine's ability to only output a certain amount of detail within the constraints of last-generation consoles. PCs are not restricted by these limitations, and they have the potential to outperform current-generation systems, so leaving these features out makes little sense.

    During the franchise's absence from PC, the fanbase was vocal in its desire to see it return, and EA eventually listened. Franchise Mode has been stagnant for years, despite the fact that it is the series' flagship single-player mode. EA recently acknowledged on its Madden 22 Coins​ preview page that it had taken note of fans' complaints, which led to the company's decision to focus on improving upon the Madden 21 Franchise formula. This vociferous fanbase can be found all over Reddit and social media platforms, and it appears that a significant portion of them prefers to play on PC. Despite this, EA is giving that group a lesser game. PC players are missing out on a significant portion of Madden NFL 22, and EA has not explained why.