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In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, here's how to get Mussels or Squi

  • In order to obtain mussels in Animal Crossing, you must don a wet suit and dive into the sea to fish for them. Many different marine creatures can be caught, and they are all edible. It is possible that it will take several attempts before you catch a mussel, but mussels can be distinguished by their small shadows and slow movement.

    When you pay a visit to the residents at their residence, you will be able to sample Turkish Japanese cuisine, including mussels. The fish of the player's choosing will be gladly exchanged for the fish of the player's choosing, which may be easier to obtain if it turns out that fishing for marine life is difficult. Players can purchase ACNH items in a variety of ways, primarily due to the differences in efficiency. Timing and platform are also important considerations.

    How to obtain squid in Animal Crossing: Wild WorldMussels were discovered while diving in an animal crossing, and the squid was discovered while fishing in the sea with a fishing rod. Because they are fairly common marine creatures, you can catch them without using bait. In the same way that mussels are caught, this process may require trial and error because you may catch other marine life before you find the squid. However, you will eventually catch it.


    You can also interact with other residents to conduct business, and they will be able to provide you with all of the ingredients you require for the Turkish festival recipes you wish to prepare. These hints will also serve as a reminder of the secret ingredients you can use to tamper with Franklin's cooking.

    You only need to be aware of the fact that you must prepare the ingredients for the Turkish festival recipe before Chef Franklin arrives, regardless of whether you are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere. The quickest and most convenient way to obtain these ingredients is to purchase them directly from Akrpg.

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