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Instructions on how to complete Week 1 Pre-Season Objectives in

  • In spite of the fact that EA Sports is preparing to release FIFA 22 in October, this does not imply that FIFA 21 has been abandoned in development or production. As part of its effort to bring the FIFA 21 lifecycle to a close with a bang, Electronic Arts has launched the FIFA 22 Pre-Season campaign. Players of FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 will be able to earn rewards throughout the course of the games when EA Sports introduces weekly Objectives challenges on August 27th. Do you have a rough estimate for how much money you expect to bring in during this week? Examine the Week 1 prizes, as well as the issues that have arisen with the Objectives for this week.

    Let's start with the benefits of participating. In the event that you complete Week 1 successfully, you will receive the following items for cheap FIFA 22 coins.

    FUT 22 Coin Boost (5 games x 1000 coins) x 2 (5 games x 1000 coins)
    Daily SBCs for FUT 22 Warm Up will be released; complete 5 of them in a row to earn the FUT 22 Coin Boost group reward for the corresponding Objective.
    The following items are included in the FUT 22 Kick Starter Pack:
    5 x Chemistry Styles (at least 1 Shadow/Hunter is guaranteed).
    5 x Gold Contracts for Rare Players
    Select from El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, and FUT Future Stars kits to receive one (1) FIFA Ultimate Team 21 kit.
    The Gold Players' Package
    The following items are included in the FUT 22 League of Your Own Pack:
    3 Gold Bundesliga Players Pack (1 of which is a Rarity)
    3 Gold LaLiga Players Pack (1 of which is a rare find)
    3 Gold Ligue 1 Players Pack (1 of which is a rare find)
    3 Gold Premier League Players Pack (1 of which is a rare find)
    3 Gold Serie A Players Pack (1 of which is a rare find)

    According to EA, none of these honors are transferrable to another person. This year's FIFA 22 is expected to be released on October 12, and those interested in purchasing the game will have until November 12 to log in and redeem their rewards.

    The five Warm-Up 1 – Day Squad Building Challenges, which will be available online throughout the week of August 27 and require completion before receiving the Coin increase, will be required to be completed by FIFA players. Participants in FIFA 21 will not only be eligible to win a future prize for FIFA 22, but they will also be eligible to win five Rare Gold Players Packs and a Mega Pack in addition to the prize for the future.

    Go to the SBC page and look for the Daily Warm-Up assignments, which can be found there. To earn SBCs, complete the assignments on the SBC page. You should keep in mind that in order to receive the FIFA 22 Coins Boost, you must complete all five of the tasks listed above. It is the 2nd of September at 11:59 p. m. that the Daily Warm-Up Week 1 SBC challenge will come to an end.

    In order to receive the Kick Starter Pack, FIFA players must complete all three Team Tryouts objectives in order to be eligible. A participant in Live FUT Friendly must meet all of the requirements listed below in order to be eligible:There is a Bring Your Best mode available.

    The following are the requirements for participating in this friendly:

    Loan players – maximum of five 92+ OVR players – a minimum of one

    The following are the three objectives: 1.

    Starting Squad – Compete in four matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Bring Your Best, with a minimum of three minutes between each match. You have 92 OVR players in your starting lineup.
    Eye for Goal – Score goals with players who have a minimum of 92 OVR in three separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly –Bring Your Best to the Table
    Assist with a wide delivery using a cross with a minimum. Bring Your Best to the Live FUT Friendly: 92 OVR player in the game