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But once you begin to get used to it

  • Oldschool being 01-07 and newschool out of 08-Now. Discuss adapting to the new style of playing (in case you recently joined in the three year break) Talk about the loot gap since new things are added. Overall ease of things. And general pleasure. I enjoy pking now. Defiantly a whole lot different from oldschool pking. I tried the day wildy came back with a decent range pure ensemble going on and RuneScape gold obtained merkled.

    But once you begin to get used to it, I started knowing when to consume. Now there are less noobs and much more individuals in tune about stuff and wild, it's a little harder. Before I would have a whole fight with ingesting at about 20hp eating that low essentially because I would hit constant 10s and 15s and they would food crap and wont be able to attack me, now they overtake me with claws. Pking is always enjoyable, I have cash to spare for the 100k+ I lose everytime I die. Not once I thought"this brand new runescape stinks". Comon, matters change. I use my oldschool manners of pking. With just 89 range, 60 attack and 70 str (:-LRB- ) I manage.

    Off topic. When I chose to return, I joined a couple of my most favorite pkers cc's. Most who do not even possess a cc. Until I joined one of my most inspirational pkers, the person who made me into being a stove pure. Yankin Deez, that I decided to contribute 1mil to aid for another pk vid. And surprisingly he's a pretty cool guy. And he included me too. Anyways, talk.

    Clans, clans, clans -- that's all I appear to hear about in the workplace nowadays. In light of the and of our rather epic'Clan Celebration Month', I have decided to start my own clan, but would like to buy OSRS gold ensure it is larger, better and cooler than any other clan that has ever existed. EVAR! I need YOU! All of you to sign up and join me. So. . .if you join we can start stomping on innocents, looting villages and pillaging all of Gielinor in gold. Alternatively, if this sounds a little lively, we can always enslave other clans and get them to do the hard work for us.