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Moving Tips

  • So you’re moving. Congratulations on a new adventure. If you are like me, you are now doing your homework searching the web for the cheapest moving services, available moving storage, low-cost moving rental trucks, moving supplies, and possibly car transport.

    Now that you have found, you will find this move far easier than you may have feared. We hope this site will help answer some of your questions and assist in the legwork process of your move.

    To help you navigate through, we describe the various sections of the site in the next column. We hope that this service meets the needs of the community.

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    Moving Companies
    Finding the most appropriate and fully licensed moving companies can be a complicated process. Fortunately, there are many websites listed in the moving services page of that can automate your request for quotes from professional moving companies.

    Car Transport
    You often have to transport a car or two when you move – far easier than driving our personal fleet of cars to the new location, this section will explain several options for transporting those extra vehicles. Let’s take a look at this section to see what to look for and what to look out for.

    Moving Checklist
    Moving checklists is our section describing all the individual things you must remember to do getting ready for your move. This includes a list of important people to contact when to start planning your move and make arrangements with the moving company, what to do with your pets, what to do with your children, what to do on moving day, and what to do on delivery day.

    Change of Address for Utility Companies
    This section reviews what you must remember about your utility company and government change of address requirements for your current home and then getting them hooked up at your new home.

    Moving Storage
    This section helps you identify a good and cheap storage solution. There are so many options. We found a new option that seems to be growing in popularity.

    Steel Storage Containers
    This section looks at large steel containers as an alternative to regular long-term storage. This option allows you to locate the storage at your home or at any other place you can rent ground.

    PODS Storage Containers
    This section looks at a new service for using large steel or wood storage containers. PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. This is a great option that is described in detail.

    Moving Truck Rentals
    There are many truck rental options around once you have decided to rent a truck for your move. We help you identify the best and least expensive one for your move. Once again, there are choices and information you should consider when packing, loading, and driving.

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    Moving Supplies
    Of course, you will need boxes, pads, wrapping materials, tape, and other moving supplies for your move. We help you identify what you need in the way of supplies and then send you to the best location to get them inexpensively.

    Packing Tips
    Finally, is a section that offers all the general tips we need for a successful move. It provides packing instructions/tips (keep from breaking your wife's china)

    How to wrap, what to wrap, checklists, moving announcements, how to move your utility companies, what kind of moving boxes to use, and more. Lastly, remember to send a moving announcement to all your friends and creditors so people can find you.

    Moving Announcements
    Moving announcements are a postcard, greeting card, or email announcement that tells friends, loved ones, and creditors that you are moving and how to get in touch with you. We tell you more about moving announcements in this section.

    Moving Boxes
    This section explores what you need to know about moving boxes if you decide to pack your own belongings rather than have a moving company do it. It reviews the right types of moving boxes, how to pack and moving pads and blankets.