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The advantages of serialized packaging in production design


    Nowadays, many merchants design a series of packaging for the packaging design of the same product. Because of its many advantages, this series of packaging has become more and more favored by enterprises and has become the main mode of food packaging design at present.

    The series of products can not only reduce advertising expenses but also save time spent on design, which is in line with the concept of "environmental packaging".

    With the continuous expansion of social production, more and more social products, coupled with increasingly fierce market competition, commodity packaging occupies an increasingly important position in advertising. Due to the large lineup of serialized packaging, distinctive features, and excellent publicity effects, advertising costs can be saved.

    Moreover, the unification of serialized packaging in terms of shape, text, decoration, color, trademark, brand name, etc. can greatly shorten the cycle of serialized packaging design, save a lot of design time, so that designers have more time for new products. design.

    In the printing stage, due to the sharing of some printing plates, the production cost is greatly saved, and a certain amount of plate making time is also saved so that the packaging design process and cost of the product are reduced to a minimum. It is more conducive to environmental protection, reducing packaging waste, and reducing shipping costs.

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