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What is the End carpentry?

  • cutting, assembly and installation of molding and assemblies, both internal and external, including a large part of what we call today as finishing carpentry. Molding installation is a simple task that doesn't involve a large investment in tools.

    In fact, often the moldings can be cut and shaped by hand, for woodworking but more professionals use electrically powered tools to save time and effort. Trim carpentry is not just about cutting and assembly This capability also involves careful planning so that the operation can be performed efficiently.

    Windows and doors

    Windows and doors are an important part of a carpenter's job to finish. This includes not only placing the trim around each door and window, but also correctly installing each unit so that it is level and works correctly.

    Once the door or window is in place, the frame is cut and nailed in place to complete the task. Today Trim, a lot of window and door is installed as if to make a table, with each corner consisting of two boards cut at a 45-degree angle and measuring together to form a neat angle. In the house, you could see through the window and door linings are cut at right angles to form a butt joint.


    In the field of finishing carpentry involves many skilled activities such as cabinets and the construction ladder that some sectors of the housing can be managed by a single person or a small group.

    Building stairs and cabinets are two of the most complex tasks, in which at least the original work must be done in a carpentry workshop. Once the cabinets are built or stairs built, the cabinetmaker will manage the installation of these elements at the site.

    Exterior Trim

    outer skin is cut and shaped in a very similar way as interior trim, but precautions must be taken against the elements. This means that each card has some filler especially along the top surface, and all the wood joints needed to fit perfectly.

    There are some places, such as upper doors and windows, that require special pieces of wood called drip to throw water. Wherever exterior trim is applied, there will likely be some tweaks to make the exterior of the house estate.

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    Tools of the trade
    Fine carpentry

    today requires a wide range of tools and an assortment of hand tools as well. Some of the commonly used power tools on a construction site are the circular saw, electric drill, electric screwdriver (not a fictional one), saw, radial saw, router and power box miter.

    Perhaps this last tool is the most essential and important for finishing carpentry, because without it we could not make many angular cuts the work requires ..


    In many old buildings, it is common to find moldings that have been cut with a hacksaw, before being nailed into place. These joints are highlighted because they are beveled, but instead of a molding it is cut and formed with a saw so that it wraps tightly around the other piece, which is not cut at all.

    This technique is called upon to deal with, and not everyone carpenter today knows how to deal with molded joints. Coping cannot be used all over the world, but it is most commonly used to build an interior corner. In some older homes, it is not uncommon to find almost any inner corner of the inner courtyard with a saw.

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