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How to Lose 10lbs in Five Days before Your Wedding

  • Do you want to be a fit bride? Or do you want to have that excess fat still stuck to your hips and thighs? Of course, you want to look absolutely fantastic on your wedding day but will you really?

    To be honest, it can be really easy to lose excess pounds when you put your mind to it.

    However, can you really lose ten pounds in the five days leading up to your wedding? Well, actually if you put your mind to it, you can! Really, you can and it doesn’t need to be too difficult either. You can look a million dollars on your big day!

    How to Lose 10lbs within Five Days
    Cardiovascular Exercises
    Whole Grains
    Healthy Meals
    Healthy Snacks
    These are the methods that can help you to lose 10lbs within five days. However, they do work because if you go for intense cardiovascular exercises and eat healthily, you can lose the desired weight.

    What is more, if you can avoid eating high calorie foods and keep up an intense exercise program, you can lose 10lbs in no time!

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    Don’t Starve Yourself
    Now, this is one of the most important parts of dieting because starving yourself is not healthy! You might lose weight if you starve yourself but its unhealthy and not advised in any way so don’t do it! What is more, when you starve yourself of food, you can end up looking sick and being sick also!

    How to Lose 10lbs in Five Days before Your Wedding

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    Follow Your Diet Plan to the Letter
    Groom and bride weight loss can be very simple when you follow your diet to the letter. So first of all, you need to start by cutting out all those high calorie foods.

    Also, avoid fruits that contain a lot of sugar so stick to watermelon or something similar to it because its low in sugar and it can take good.

    Secondly, bananas are a great source of quick weight loss. They can boost your metabolism so that you can end up losing excess pounds within a few days and don’t forget that you need to keep drinking plenty of milk.

    However, you should try to stick to skimmed milk or plain milk because these are the best milk options to consider. Don’t however, choose almond or soy milk. Organic foods are also very good to eat.

    Keep Yourself Disciplined
    If you want to be successful in losing weight before your wedding day, you need to be disciplined. That is vital in order to lose weight because if you don’t stick to your diet plan or exercise then you can forget looking great because you want lose a single pound. This is why you do need to be well disciplined.

    However, if you are finding it tough, why not try this with the bride or groom or even one of the wedding party.

    They can absolutely help you to keep on track to lose your ten pounds in five days. Wedding weight loss doesn’t need to be difficult, it can be simple if you are determined and are disciplined.

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