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Marvel Fans Now Want “Blade” To Be Rebooted

  • Following the confirmation of Deadpool’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans of Marvel characters have professed their wish that the Blade universe must be rebooted with R-rated content.

    Since Marvel CEO Kevin Feige has affirmed that Merc With a Mouth will be treated with R-rated content at Disney, fans now demand that “Blade” must return to the big screen with the same treatment.

    Marvel fans are feeling optimistic about the R-rated “Blade” remake since Kevin Feige has revealed that Deadpool 3 will be the first adult-oriented movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Many of us were feeling pessimistic about the idea of having Deadpool in the MCU since the character is a fan favorite across the adult age groups, whereas the MCU and the entire content of Disney are for the family-friendly audience.

    All the feelings of pessimism were thwarted by the Collider interview of Kevin Feige that suggested that the onscreen persona of Deadpool will stay as it is.

    Feige told Collider that Deadpool 3 would be relayed on screen in exactly the same manner as the two previous films, but the productions of the movie cannot commence before 2022 as both Ryan Reynolds and Marvel are about to get super busy for the next two years. However, he did state that the studio is currently working on a story for the third film.

    He also expressed his excitement about having Ryan Reynolds in the MCU.

    The entry of Deadpool in the world of Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe has ensured that Disney and its subsidiaries are now open for adult-themed content. And it has led some fans to openly demand the remake of Blade for the audience beyond the age of 18.

    Like Deadpool, all of the preceding Blade films were for the R-rated audience, so should a reboot ever manifests at Marvel, it will most likely be an R-rated film. And if we are honest, the PG-13 Blade film will not work for anybody.

    So, considering all of that, Deadpool’s inclusion in MCU has intensified the voices demanding the remake of Blade with or without Wesley Snipes.

    One fan has tweeted that not only Blade should be rebooted, but there is a high chance for MCU themed Wolverine film as well.

    Of course, Deadpool’s entry has also opened the doors for the X-Men universe to coincide with the MCU. And these are all the makings of an extremely high budgeted Avengers 5 film. Well, the only god knows how they will be to pull this off.

    Apart from Blade, X-Men, and Wolverine, some sections from the fans’ fraternity are also hoping that the upcoming series Moon Knight must also be made without any restrictions. Wouldn’t an adult-themed Oscar Isaac led series be interesting?

    In the previous adaptation of the “Blade” comics, Wesley Snipes played the titular character, which fights all the vampires present in the world to keep all the humans safe.

    The director of one of the best superhero movies ever released, The Dark Knight, was the writer of the Blade trilogy, and he was also the one to direct the final film “Blade Trinity.” Blade, which stormed the box office in the late ’90s and early 2000s, gave all the indications that a superhero movie will lead the way for Hollywood in the coming decades.

    And we all know how true the indication was.

    The next MCU project to arrive on Disney+ is none other than Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany starrer “WandaVision,” which is about to be released this Friday.

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