Drive Chain Manufacturers Introduce Knowledge Of Shaped Chains

  • Before understanding what a special-shaped chain is, you must first understand what a chain is.
    Chain: Generally composed of metal chain rings or rings. It is a combination of the same or spaced members in series in the form of movement. Generally used on machinery, it plays a transmission role on machinery.
    The application chain is divided into non-standard chain and standard chain.

    Knowing what a chain is, follow the Drive Chain manufacturer to learn about shaped chains.
    Shaped chain is also called non-standard chain. Non-standard chain is a tailor-made chain according to the size of special mechanical gears. It does not meet the size standards defined by national standards, but the quality and material are the same.
    The special-shaped chain is designed according to the requirements of different machinery, and is equipped with firmware, such as bezels and guard plates.
    The special-shaped chain is a modified form of the chain based on the standard chain according to the different requirements of the chain in the use of various machines.

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