Features Of Motorcycle Chain

  • The current motorcycle market is still huge, and many people choose to use motorcycles as their daily means of transportation. Today the manufacturer of hzqjchain Motorcycle Chain came to talk about the difference between the two driving methods of motorcycles?

    Most of the motorcycles on the market are driven by chains. The characteristics of chain transmission are low price and good shock absorption. The disadvantage is that the friction between the chain and the sub-disk gear will be prolonged, which requires regular maintenance. In contrast, drive shafts have a long service life, are relatively clean, and have long maintenance cycles. Then someone would think, is the reason why chain drive dominates simply because it is cheap?

    In fact, it is not, there is another very important reason, no matter whether it is a trend or a change in life concepts, small-displacement motorcycles in the market account for the vast majority. The shaft drive is heavy, and the toothbrush must be redesigned before and after. The power is lost twice after the change, and the fuel consumption is high. The drive shaft itself is very energy-consuming. I am afraid that it will not be driven on a low-displacement motorcycle. There is also price considerations. Shaft drive is generally used in high-end cars, although some cars are still driven by chains.

    Therefore, the shaft drive is not the mainstream of the motorcycle market. It is more suitable for racing cars, because the car will perform daily maintenance, which is exactly what the shaft drive motorcycle needs.

    Axle drive will also increase the impact on the wheels and the engine and their connections, which will make the motorcycle prone to failure and tail flick during driving. In general, chain transmission technology is mature, low cost, and cost-effective, and is most suitable for ordinary motorcycles. Some three-wheeled motorcycles on the market are also using shaft drives.

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