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{Dialogue in is the words Azzanadra is saying

  • Sergeant Damien ~ invoking will give the RS gold wearer camo gloves, camo boots as well as dog-tags (these are not part of an unplanned event, therefore they can't be kept in a room for costumes). After you have the pieces and plans from your seals, use them to create the Demonic Blade. It is possible to create the demonic sword making use of one of the parts from the anvil.

    The blade has the same stats as a dragon 2-h, but it is able to deal monsters (and Zamorak) it is capable of dealing between 250 and 500 damage with one hit. It also has a the highest accuracy as well as a unique capacity to deal poison damage in the same amount as p++, but without the chances of failing in delivering the poison. The poison can still be a threat to another monster, but is not guaranteed, and deals only 10 damage. It is stuns demons and has the same special attack as D 2-H. To be able to wield this weapon you must have 70 strength. However, it doesn't have an attack. Even with its slow speed against demons, it is an effective weapon to train with.

    Once you have completed all the seals, go back to Azzanadra. It's great! The seals are all yours! I have arranged a meeting between you and some gods. A meeting? Yes. Some of the other gods have agreed to free Zaros as long as Zaros is in a prison. What is confinement? Isn't it possible that a pyramid this large would be too small for a god. Yes, but Zaros is still a Majharrat, he is still similar to us in size. What is the matter with Zamorak? Is he not a Majharrat as well? He is a Majharrat, however, his Zaros curse has left him severely damaged. His body is massive and he looks exactly like his demons.

    Tell me, what does Zaros appear like? Well, he always had the most of his face in a sand-colored scarf, but he had shoulder-length hair. It was black. There was a belief that he was a purple-eyed person, which may have been why he liked the color purple so often. He wore a robe that was the same color as the scarf, but it covered his entire body except for his arms. This means that nobody is aware of his looks, just skin, hair, and the color of his eyes. We know this about the meeting.

    {Dialogue in is the words Azzanadra is saying until you go to the meeting. The meeting Once you are there, you will see 5 NPCs, Azzanadra, Bright Light, Hard Rock, Thick Jungle and High Cloud. These typically inanimate objects are the four gods who are supporting you. In cheap OSRS gold named order, Saradomin, Bandos, Guthix, and Armadyl. You have to pick one of them, and they will give you the weapon, but first you must show your faith and skills.