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My account was banned as an opportunity to allow God

  • "Basically, this was going to be our 2010 game and RS gold we were planning to create another game -- but we said, this is a perfect fit nicely with "RuneScape" and it's amazing, and the community would love this, so let's not make it another game, let's just put this in the game."

    These are my questions: What are your plans currently regarding this? It's still on the right the right track, and it was amazing when I last saw it. When will we see this? Soon. If it does happen, will we know? I'm sure that you will not miss it. Mod MMG, yes, this new skill/game mechanic will be free to everyone who plays.

    I cannot say what the new ability will be, other than that it isn't sailing.
    Fourth, it's completely new to existing knowledge and popular thought patterns and no one has ever done it before.

    Evidence (RSOFQF 13-14-745-60279545 Mod. MMG Q&A: Although it's true that no one is able to guess the new ability, it could be due to the fact that it's not been done before. (About ThirdScape) I don't want to divulge it though because it's really exciting and nobody has ever done it before, so we're sort of keeping it close to our chest. Specific Assumptions: Extrapolating from existing data that may not be relevant to the new skill.

    It is believed that the trademarks of Jagex Never Ending, Infinite Dungeon and/or Dungeon Master refer to the new skill. Evidence: The trademarks of the two first games were filed in the month of March 2009. This was before the announcement by ThirdScape (source). Mod Korpz answered a question regarding FunOrb by stating that they were not related to it.

    My account was banned as an opportunity to allow God to assist me in getting back to my normal life. I'm now in my 3rd year and have a a happy life. I attend the church every Sunday, and I spend time with family. I was hoping that the bomb would explode at the headquarters of the company, but it seems that the vaporization of the earth won't solve this issue. Plus runescape isnt the only game that is eating people's lives.

    As this is intended to be an open discussion, I'll first ask the query first and and then respond with my opinion. I will also use the term pf2p which stands for pure free-play i.e. a player that cheap RuneScape gold has not been a participant in any RS "life".