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Plastic Film Slitter Manufacturers Introduces The Use Function


    Plastic Film Slitter Manufacturers introduces the advantages of automatic retrofit of slitter:

    1) Improve cutting efficiency and ensure cutting quality and stability. Especially for slitting some materials with large quantities and single specifications, the slitting machine with higher intelligent automation can greatly improve production efficiency and better product consistency, and avoid the defective rate of finished materials caused by uneven quality of workers High and low. The automatic slitting machine relies on the set parameters to accurately control the unwinding, traction, slitting, and winding processes to ensure the slitting quality.

    2) Reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor costs. With the disappearance of my country's demographic dividend, more and more young people are unwilling to enter the factory, and slitting machine manufacturers generally face the dilemma of rising labor costs. It has become a general trend to reduce the dependence on labor through the automation upgrade of slitting equipment. Reduce factors that affect production progress, such as workers asking for leave, absenteeism, etc., while reducing the risk of industrial accidents and the cost of personnel management.

    3) Use the shortest time and the least investment to achieve the fastest effect. A high-performance intelligent slitting machine needs to cost hundreds of thousands or even millions, while the cost of electrical upgrades is generally less than half or even lower, and some unnecessary functions of the new slitting machine can be flexibly discarded and replaced. Reduce costs, shorten the transformation cycle, and quickly and efficiently complete the automatic upgrade of slitting equipment.

    4) More pertinence and adaptability. Since the old slitting machine has established a stable and reliable process flow for material slitting and running-in, the transformation is only a targeted improvement on the problems that need to be improved in actual production, and the use of new technological achievements to improve the overall intelligence of the equipment level. From this point of view, it may be faster to adapt and achieve the expected performance than purchasing new equipment, bringing greater economic benefits to the manufacturer. Due to insufficient understanding of material properties, in some cases newly purchased slitting equipment may have design flaws, and further modifications and adjustments are still required.

    Through the above introduction, Paper Laminate Slitter Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.