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TikTok Analytics: How to See How Well You Do

  • You must monitor your TikTok advertising operation to make adjustments to your plan. If you don't do this, there is no way to know if your plan is working. volgers kopen tiktok gratis

    TikTok offers a handy analytics package which you can use to identify all the amounts. TikTok promotion depends on participation. The analytics package will let you know how you're doing. These information are not necessary at the moment, but will be as the stage grows.

    If you have standard TikTok user account, you will need to change this to your Pro account in order for you can use the stats package. This is easy and free of cost. You will get amazing insights from the analytics. It is worth the effort. visit this website

    To convert to a professional account, visit your profile. Then, under the configurations tab, tap "Manage My Bank Account." This automatically brings you to another screen. You'll see that the "Switch Guru Account" link is there. This will take you to a new screen where you can choose the best category for your TikTok account.