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But, we were racists and spamming our chat

  • I usually avoid petty arguments. I mean I let RS gold them fight it out until someone is named "no live" or something. But today, i was feeling down, so I decided to hope in with a beautiful opening phrase. It's 100% real. "I'M BLACK, AND I PLAY RUNECAPE!" Surprise! I was stunned!

    It was a great feeling..ooohh the pride... The next thing I knew, i was running towards kuradel with a few torch bearing white hooded men following me shouting "lynch him!" !!"... That last part is not accurate. The real story is fallows... I was unsure if they were serious or if it was just a joke, so forgive me if the fallowing seems absurd and unreal, but it's the truth.

    I would add more lines but an idiot could see how the chat box looked after the initial few lines. and a level 13 joins.

    I usually quit conversing around this time because of my wimpy nature. However, this was getting fascinating and I couldn't resist but to do it. The player at level 132 declares that he is part of an all-black clan. Player1 declares that his dad is part of the clan irl, and that he is a blk hater.

    Mr Level 132 Counters something similar to. "I'll be all black and chanted in your sexy tums." Then, the shizzle hits the fan cause by then, other players in the dungeon are interested and choosing sides. There were eight of us in this dungeon. All except one level 116. we took sides and began to violate the rules, shouting racist rants, and making the box appear like the script of 50 cent. Every one did not pay attention to the level 116 who had not spoken a word.

    Two minutes later, a variety of people from the world were added to the mix. Another 5 minutes passed before a few members of the "all black clan" at level 132 began to appear. I mean this was like jerry springer on steroids, in runescape! It was an all-out black vs. blue verbal battle! In the midst, there were 17 people inside the underground dungeon.

    But, we were racists and spamming our chat box when level 116 spoke. ... Wow" was all it took. in a matter of seconds the chamber was empty. Why was that? ?.... The level 116 game was mod! The sight of the silver crown caused the room swarm with red and bleu ribbons. The people were teleported and then logged.

    After a pleasant conversation with Mr. Mod I was informed by him that i wasn't one of those people who would be OSRS buy gold receiving emails from jagex. It wasn't my fault. Let me know what you think. (p.s. I have a few on vid so I might add it to youtube in the future.