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How do Final Fantasy XIV players show their charm in FFXIV Onli

  • There are many things to love about Final Fantasy XIV, one of which is the charm system. It attracts some creative players and fighters who want to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, but how should players radiate charm in FFXIV and how to remove them? Below I will introduce this information to the players in detail.

    For those who are new to the game, or just need a refresher, the charm is customized clothing that can be projected on any armor worn by the player. This means that they will not lose any item level statistics and can look good at the same time. A large number of fan-made costumes can be found through the Eorzea Collection, so players must browse the catalog to see if they can find anything they like.

    In order to unlock the charm in FFXIV, players need to go hunting first. Don't worry, their prey is not terrible. For particularly gorgeous fashionistas, this is just orange juice. However, before players personally visit this lady, they need to determine some FFXIV Gil. In other words, the player must be level 15 or above to access the mission. Secondly, they need to go to the place where the charm is unlocked to get the task "If I have charm", the player will be asked to bring Swyrgeim blood orange juice. This can be purchased at a local hotel in Folclind, and the blood orange juice is handed over to Swygeim to unlock the charm.

    Once players have collected all the items on Swygeim's extensive shopping list, they can start using new skills. Also if the player wants to remove the charm, they need a charm disperser and FFXIV Gil to purchase it. The above is the information about the charm in FFXIV Online. If players want to be at the top of Eorzea's fashion rankings, they must master it.