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Signs for August 29: Khlebny Spas. What needs to be done on Khl

  • Since ancient times, three Savior have been celebrated in August - Honey, Yablochny, Khlebny. The popular explanation of the name is to save yourself. Naturally, August is the time for summing up the results of spring and summer work, laying the harvest in the bins. Each celebration has its own history, signs, traditions.

    The history of the name of the day.

    The holiday on August 29 has three names that are associated with specific events.

    Savior on canvases (or Savior not made by hands) is dedicated to the image of Christ, which was brought to Constantinople that day. Legend has it that the artist-servant was sent by King Abgar to the Son of God. The servant had to persuade Christ to grant healing to the king or allow him to paint his portrait. No matter how hard the artist tried, the portrait did not work.

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    But a miracle happened - Christ wiped his face with a cloth after washing and left his image on it. This served as the prototype for the icons. At first, the face was painted on canvases, which, after consecration, healed the suffering. And on this day, old canvases were taken to fairs to make room for new ones.

    Bread Spas is dedicated to the first bread from the new harvest. They baked cakes and thanked the Lord for their daily bread.

    Nut Spas is associated with the collection of nuts, which were ripe for this day. They were collected in the forest and also carried to the church for consecration. On this day, new bread, pies, nut dishes and the nuts themselves were served at the table. Since on this day both the tree and the fruits possessed tremendous healing power, a walnut bath broom was prepared for each family member. They dried them and kept them separate from everything, so as not to lose their strength. Before harvesting, they asked for permission from the walnut, after the end of the work they thanked him.

    Rituals and beliefs.

    “The third Savior of bread has been saved,” - so they said about the Savior of bread. By this time, the peasants were obliged to remove grain from the fields and completely sow winter crops. And if a widow or a mother who lost her sons, or childless old people could not cope with this, they were helped by the whole world, that is, they were shown mercy. Thanks to this tradition, all families, without exception, could meet the holiday with new bread.

    It was believed that on this day summer ends and autumn begins. The reapers tied the sickles with spikelets compressed in the latter, and left them under the icons until the next harvest.

    After the service in the church, the procession was performed. The peasants went out to the mown fields and thanked the land for the current harvest and asked for a good one for the next year. Then they went home or to visit, where, saying goodbye to the summer, they feasted and had fun.

    Someone from the family had to visit the fair and buy something there. Otherwise, there will be no profit and prosperity for a whole year. The girls were instructed to buy at the fair something suitable for the household and any new wearable clothes so that they would not know the needs in adulthood. It was believed that a child's shirt, sewn from a cloth bought at the Walnut Savior, would be a talisman against diseases for a whole year.

    By the harvest of bread and nuts, they judged the next year: what is a lot now, that next year will not be enough. They collected and ate nuts according to the rules:

    - try not to miss the first nut, as he predicted the next year: unripe - to the news, bitter - the year will not be easy, sweet - luck will come, rotten - bad luck, wormy - expect trouble;

    - if there are two fused nuts, then they should be taken with your left hand and put into your wallet so that the money does not decrease;

    - if you eat one nut on the Nut Spas and give the other one to the first person you come across, you can be saved from damage and the evil eye.

    On this day, it was necessary to follow:

    - to consecrate bread and nuts, to put them on the table for prosperity in the family;

    - to consecrate nuts and water, the power of which will strengthen the body and spirit;

    - prepare nut liqueur from jumpers and vodka;

    - each family member and guest should taste a little of all the dishes, then luck will come and money will be found;

    - to consecrate new and pre-cleaned wells, bypassing them in a circle (it was believed that this is how the summer closes).

    On the Third Savior it is forbidden:

    - quarrel with someone;

    - swear or use foul language;

    - to wish (even mentally and especially in hearts) evil, since a bad wish will come true many times, but not for the addressee of the curse, but for the one who wishes;

    - go to the forest without a talisman, otherwise a meeting with evil spirits is ensured and there is a threat of getting lost even in a familiar place;

    - to refuse help or alms, otherwise poverty and hunger await, since bread will be lost (either it will cope with it, or it will be stolen).

    Signs for the weather

    Long-term observation of natural processes has allowed people to draw accurate conclusions about the upcoming weather for short and long periods. This is how the following signs appeared:

    - if the cranes fly south to the Bread Spas, then the Pokrova will be frosty, and the spring will be early and warm;

    - if the swallows have not flown away, the winter will be warm, and the spring will be late and inhospitable;

    after the Assumption, autumn is on the doorstep;

    - Thunder on the Third Savior to promise a warm autumn;

    - calm river water on a holiday portends a quiet, warm autumn.

    Those who adhere to traditions and are attentive to signs will try to bake a cake, pie or muffin from the flour of the new harvest on Khlebny Spas. In addition, he will make a talisman for the house, secretly spreading nuts in different places from households. And it will be absolutely wonderful if you are lucky enough to be accidentally doused with cold water. On this day, she will transfer her magical healing power and attract good luck.