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Some Key Tips To Get A Girl To Like You

  • All guys want to know is how to get a girl to like you. Whether that is because you want to find a girlfriend or whatever, you must understand you can’t force a girl to like you. There are no magic pills you can swallow and no crazy formulas that you can follow to make a girl like you (hmmm… I am a poet but I didn’t know it :-).

    Forget about that imaginary magic bullet to get a girl to like you and instead focus on the key principles that will make you attractive to women.

    So what can you do? Here are some sure-fire principles in the ways to get a girl to like you:

    Talk to her

    The only way you get a girl to notice you, and in turn like you, is to talk to her. Yeah sometimes in a club not much talking goes on, but in general you will have to talk to the girl at some point to get her interested. I have said it in articles before, women love guys who can hold a decent conversation. Also conversations are a great way to communicate between you and the girl about what you are both interested in. In this case if you both like the same things then you will probably connect with each other.

    Great body language

    When you think that 90% of our communication is done with non-verbal actions, the ability to have great body language is key. Generally good body language to attract women comes down to a few key aspects . Making sure that you get these aspects right allows you to become much more attractive to women. You will come across more confident and self assured and that is very attractive to women.

    Be a cool guy

    Women love cool guys. I was reading an article written on Loveawake dating site blog, by a girl called Leigha Butler who says how she has fallen for guys with cool hobbies. She mentions how it’s not just the fact that they are cool hobbies but the fact that you a guy needs to be focused enough, smart enough, and engaged enough to start the hobby and keep going with it. This could be any hobby you like such as guitar, magic, martial arts, etc. It’s not just about how to impress a girl its about something you enjoy to do rather than doing it for the sake of trying to get laid. That’s a big no-no…

    Be confident around her

    Women love confident guys. I have said this a lot on this blog and I am going to say it again. To get a girl to like you then you really do need confidence. Confidence is such a key factor not only in being attractive to women but being successful in life in general. Confident guys get things done. They are the sort of guys who don’t talk about stuff they just do it. I think getting your confidence sorted is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to improving with women. Check out these articles to help; confidence with women, real confidence & building confidence with women. Once you have the confidence to do things, it’s just a choice whether you want them bad enough to do them. Including learning how to get girls to like you.

    Have a good social life

    Go out and enjoy life. Having a good social life does not mean going out and getting pissed every weekend. It just means going out with others and taking part. This includes going to pubs for a casual drink, going out and doing activities such as bowling and yes of course it does include going out on nights out. This shows you have great people skills, that others want to be around you and that you enjoy life. All things that are very attractive to women.

    Have plenty of options

    Being picky and choosy when it comes to women gives you a real edge. Obviously if you are struggling with women then this may seem impossible. However this isn’t the case. I just started to believe that I had a choice of any woman I wanted. This gave me a sense of self assurance. It made me feel good about myself. Also even if you just believe that you have plenty of options will make it more likely to happen. You get more of things you focus on in life. So focus on this and it’s more likely to happen.

    Final thought

    If you want to get a girl to like you, you need to follow the above tips. It may seem a little overwhelming at first.  Never will I say to a guy it’s gonna be easy, cos’ it’s not. It takes hard work to become good with women, just like everything else in this world. You may not wanna hear it but it’s true. Just be glad you have found this stuff now, because it will make the journey of learning how to get the girl you want a little shorter…