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enclomiphene tablets

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    enclomiphene 50

    (Androxal), in development by Repros Therapeutics Inc, is a non-steroidal estrogen

    receptor antagonist that promotes gonadotropin-dependent testosterone secretion by

    the testes. Enclomiphene constitutes the trans-stereoisomer of clomiphene citrate,

    a drug that has been widely prescribed for several decades for the treatment of

    female ovulatory dysfunction.

    In clinical trials conducted to date,

    enclomiphene tablets demonstrated significant efficacy in the physiological restoration of

    testosterone levels in males with secondary hypogonadism. The compound also

    exhibited an unanticipated favorable effect on fasting plasma glucose; this result

    has been accompanied by rapidly accumulating evidence from other researchers for a

    bidirectional relationship between low serum testosterone and obesity/metabolic

    syndrome (syndrome X) in men.

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