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WoW Classic TBC Phase 2: What new experiences will players get?

  • As we all know, Blizzard is about to launch WoW Classic TBC Phase 2, but its release date is currently unknown. It turns out that it was very popular when it was launched in 2019, and most of the WoW Classic has been transferred to The Burning Crusade. With the launch of a new WoW Classic public testing area, fans have more and more speculation about other areas of the classic experience. Perhaps Blizzard does not want to launch a new server, so that fans can start again in Azeroth.

    Some WOW Classic TBC Gold players said that he has played the original OG, the original private server and the classic version. Although he enjoys TBC very much because it is his favorite expansion, if it appears when he landed on TBC, he would definitely play it fresh. Some players also said that things about vanilla WoW will never be out of date. You can try something new every time. Next time, he will go to another camp to play a class he has never played before. Fans think it is difficult for most people to try to jump into the classics now. The lack of teaming, the popularity of servers, and everything on the servers have been defeated, so the excitement disappeared.

    There is no guarantee that such a thing will happen, but it is reported that an investigation has been sent out, which contains questions about the new server, and it is always possible to announce a major event in the future. Although some changes have been made to the PTR version recently, there hasn't been much change as it approaches the WoW TBC Phase 2 release date. Currently WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 patch notes have been updated, Blizzard will add PvP rewards and raid rewards in the final WoW version.

    In Phase 2, players can unlock the PvP equipment of Outland factions, but this requires respect and prestige to purchase. When Sunwell Heights is released, the prestige requirement will be adjusted to Respect to match the TBC Classic Gold original Burning Crusade patch 2.4. When the Serpent Temple cave and eyes are released, the High King Morga, Dragon Slayer Gruul and Magtheridon will each drop two Tier 4 tokens. Litholas the Blind, the Abyss Lord Karatheles, Lady Vaschi, the Void Marauder, and Kael'thas Sunstrider will each drop 2 Tier 5 tokens.

    Although the release date of WoW Classic Burning Crusade Phase 2 is not yet known, it is likely to be released in September 2021. If players want to perform better in Phase 2, then WOW TBC Classic Gold's importance to players cannot be ignored. MMOWTS is currently holding promotional activities. Players can now visit MMOWTS and spend a small amount of money to buy TBC Classic Gold.