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WoW TBC Classic: How to adjust the snake temple cave

  • In the second content phase of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, Serpentshrine Cavern is one of two new raids added to the game. At the end of the TBC Classic Gold raid, players will meet the terrifying Lieutenant Vashj of the Burning Legion, and a treasure house full of new items and Tier 5 loot.

    Players must first coordinate with this instance before they can enter the Viper Temple and obtain all the precious treasures in it. Like many other dungeons and raids in The Burning Crusade, tuning into the Serpentine Temple cave is a necessary mechanism for all players who wish to enter the raid, let alone complete it. In the traditional coordination method, the player must complete a long chain of tasks, which includes a trek through the outer domain to obtain the key that allows the player to enter the cave of the Serpent Temple. The following is how to adjust the cave of the Serpent Temple in WoW: TBC Classic.

    To begin the tuning process, start the slave fence dungeon on heroic difficulty. Players must reach level 70 to start the coordination chain, so make sure that the player has been upgraded before entering the slave fence. After entering the instance, clear the dungeon all the way to Mennu, the first boss betrayer. After clearing the first boss, the player will find an NPC named Skar'this the Heretic. He will give the player a task called "Kar'Desh Staff", which requires the player to find two stamps in Outland.

    The first stamp that players should try to track is Karazhan's Hot Stamp. The first step to receive the Flame Seal is to use the Violet Eye to reach the position of respect. Violet Eye reputation can be gained over time by killing enemies and bosses in Karazhan raids. After obtaining the Violet Eye, he took over the mission "Medivan's Diary" from Archmage Alturus outside Karazhan. This task will start a linear chain, and eventually lead the player through different areas, into several dungeons and WOW Classic TBC Gold raids in Outland and Azeroth. Return to Karina and accept the final mission "Night Poison" required by the chain. Go to Karazhan to raid, summon Night Poison and plunder the fiery coat of arms from the dragon's corpse.

    The second stamp is easier to obtain because players only need to complete Gruul's Lair Raid to find it. Go to Gruul's Lair in Blade's Edge Mountains with the player's team, defeat Gruul, the final leader of the instance, and plunder the big map chapter from his corpse. Holding a hot stamp from Karazhan and a large map stamp from Gruul’s Lair, the pagan Skadis returned to the slave enclosure on Heroic difficulty. When the player surrenders the original quest "Kadish Staff" he gave, the player can get a reward for tuning into the cave of the Serpent Temple. By the way, MMOWTS is holding promotional activities, welcome to visit MMOWTS to buy cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold.