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WOW TBC Classic: Phase 2 will bring new content

  • All content that was broadcast live when TBC was launched in its original form will be bound to Phase 2 of TBC, but will not appear in Classic. Players will get new content such as layer 5 raids, a new daily mission center, engineering goggles and more. If you want to know all the newly confirmed content, welcome to review this WOW Classic TBC Gold guide.

    In TBC Phase 2, LFG tools will be available, which may help players actually find the team before the two new raids are released. Another item removed from the first stage of TBC Classic is engineering goggles, most likely because they are too powerful. In Phase 2, they may still be the best helms of many professions, although most people will not exchange professions for it. In addition, the druids can finally access a task chain to unlock 280% of their flying form. The first season of the Arena will also end, because PvP will enter the offseason before the start of the second season.

    SSC and Tempest Keep will appear in Phase 2, providing players with the fifth layer. Both raids are 25 people, which means that the player has completed the smaller 10-person raid team and level 5. In the two raids, the larger one was the Serpent Temple Cave, with 6 bosses in the team. Tempest Keep is the smaller of the two, with only four bosses.

    The new WOW TBC Classic Gold raid opens up the 5th tier of loot drops to players, which was originally part of the TBC version, but Blizzard decided to phase out the original content this time. Blizzard did confirm that the bosses for each drop-level item now drop two each instead of the expected one.

    Arena season 2 will be released with the patch, which will end season 1 and its offseason. The new season will bring new rewards, mounts, and opportunities to re-enter the arena ladder. If players want to get better performance in the new season, they should visit MMOWTS immediately to purchase a large amount of cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold to quickly improve their overall strength.