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  • Types of Excavation Techniques Used in Construction

    What are the most common types of excavation?

    The most common types of excavation are:

    -Hand Excavation is the simplest and cheapest form of excavation. It can be done with a shovel, pickaxe or other tools to remove soil.

    -Mechanical Excavation is the use of machinery to remove dirt, typically by digging a trench and filling it with water before excavating in order to keep loose sediment from blowing around.

    -Trenching is a method of excavation where the goal is to remove an entire layer or stratum of material, usually soil, rock, and sand. Trenching can be done using a backhoe, which is a large construction vehicle with a bucket on the front.

    -Tunneling is used to create underground passages for transportation or utility lines and can be done by drilling and blasting or by drilling and inserting pre-cast concrete segments.

    -Cut and fill is a method of excavation where the goal is to remove dirt from one area, transport it elsewhere, and then use it to level off an area.

    -Widening a road or building is accomplished using the cut and fill method.

    What are the techniques that contractors use in excavating sites?

    Contractors use many different techniques to excavate sites. These can range from the simple hand shovel and wheelbarrow, all the way up to heavy equipment like bulldozers or backhoes.

    In general, the contractor will use hand tools like a shovel and wheelbarrow when working on smaller jobs. For larger projects, heavy equipment is employed to remove more material in less time.

    With this process, you can be sure that excavation will be completed efficiently and in the safest possible manner.

    Why should you choose a good excavating contractor?

    Choosing the right excavating contractor in Louisville is crucial to your construction project's success. There are a number of factors that can make or break your decision, such as safety records and experience level.

    An experienced contractor like DR Excavation Contractors will be able to anticipate problems before they arise, saving you money and headaches in the long run. You should also take into account what type of excavating technique is being used. Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages.