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I have used RSBuddy on my account

  • I have used RSBuddy on my account, am I going to runescape 3 gold be banned? Our customers' and user's information is confidential and is not used to de-ban accounts. We hope that this helps you understand why botting is prohibited in RuneScape.

    I bought premium scripts, am I entitled to a refund? We'll gladly refund the purchase if bought within seven days of the Tuesday update. Any purchases after this date are not eligible for refunds. Our subscriptions page has information about subscription changes.

    It's the final day for bots, and they're not just for you! It is not only you that don't have access to a bot-client. RuneScape, a social-game for humans, is available to play. Join the discussion if you feel there were any bottings that prevented you from playing.

    I had about 450 slayer rewards points. I wanted to know what slayer exp I could purchase. Instead, I purchased 350 points worth of dartcasts from slayer. Each dartcast is around 480 coins. What's interesting is that I got around 1.2m coins worth of darts (10k minds and 2500 deaths), which I sold.

    I thought it would be worth sharing that it will cost you around 35k to get 1 Slayer level. You can exchange them the following manner. I no longer use Slayer Points, and I've removed the items I dislike (Goraks Jungle Strykes Wyverns) I'm satisfied with the rest.

    I don’t really use the points anymore. I wanted this to be shared with those who have points and aren't sure where to go with the points. Find out the number of fire cape buy osrs points you have. I had around 350 points.