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Is masturbation okay?

  • Masturbation (touching yourself for sexual pleasure) is completely normal whether you have sex with other people or not. Masturbation even has health benefits, such as reducing stress.
    Do most people masturbate?
    Many people masturbate! Even if they don't talk about it, people of any gender or age do. Even before puberty, children sometimes find it nice to touch their genitals. If you have kids and notice them touching their genitals, let them know that masturbation is perfectly normal, but they should do something privately.
    People masturbate for different reasons - it helps them relax, they want to understand their body better, they want to release sexual tension, or their partner isn't around. But most people masturbate because it feels good. Many people think that masturbation is only something you do when you don't have a sexual partner. But singles and people in relationships masturbate.
    Some people masturbate a lot, some people rarely masturbate, and some people don't masturbate at all. Different people masturbate in different ways for different reasons. Masturbation is entirely a personal decision and there is no "normal" way to do it.
    Is it okay to masturbate if you are in a relationship?
    really. A lot of people in relationships masturbate. Masturbating in a relationship doesn't mean your partner doesn't satisfy you. This is a great way to figure out what you like and what makes you orgasm. Then you can show or tell your partner what feels good. Talking about sex with your partner can make it more fun and even strengthen your relationship. Some people masturbate at the same time as their partner. It's a way to have sex together without the risk of STDs or pregnancy.
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