definition of sku

  • SKU is known by its acronym in English SKU, which translates as an existence maintenance unit. Each SKU (Barcode) represents a product that is for sale and is composed of a unique set of characters that relates exclusively to that particular item.

    Each code has variations that refer to parts of your product, and unlike others for everyday use such as the barcode, the SKU can be read and understood by humans.

    However, the most significant advantage of an SKU is that it allows retailers to make more accurate stock readings, giving them the possibility of saving time and money, and above all, providing extremely efficient compliance.

    It is also important to detail how SKU codes are formulated for use within retail. It is made up of alphanumeric characters that are generally a combination of about eight figures, which describes the details of a product, such as its color, size, style, manufacturer, brand and even its price.

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