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Optonline Email: Expectations vs. Reality

  • hat are the common issues users face on Optonline Webmail.

    There are numerous issues in Optonline Webmail service which are causing various technical issues to users. Optonline is the email service provider which is providing email service to users. If you are using services for email from Optonline then you may be having problems due to technical problems.

    This blog will tackle the various issues Optonline users experience every day through their email and offer solutions.

    Forwarding your Optonline, or Optimum Online email to your Gmail account avoids the headache of having to separately check every email account. If you receive a new email in your Optonline inbox, it's automatically forwarded to your Gmail account. Spam messages are not forwarded to your email. Mail forwarding is an option is part of the email services you use. You can turn off or on the forwarding feature at any point from within your email account's settings.

    Step 1

    Open a Web browser and connect to your Optonline email account. To login to your account, type in your username and password.


    Step 2

    Click "Options" in the upper-right corner . After that, click "Mail."


    Step 3

    Click on "Settings" After that, select "Mail forwarding."


    Step 4

    Click "Enable Forwarding" and enter your entire Gmail address.


    Step 5

    For forwarding all of your new emails to your Gmail account by clicking "Save".

    These are some of the most frequently asked questions that the Optonline Customer Service Team:


    A frequent issue is the inability to send or receive emails. The issue could be the result of a variety of causes. One reason could be the wrong server settings. If the settings for your email account aren't correct, there'll always be an issue in synchronisation of email. You can locate the proper Optonline settings here. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact Optonline Customer Service.


    1.IMAP (Incoming)


    Port 993 (IMAP - Secure with SSL)


    2.SMTP (Outgoing)


    Port 465 (SMTP Secure using SSL)


    3.POP3 (Incoming)


    Port: 587

    These are the main issues Optonline users have to face when using their services. However, all issues can be simply resolved with a few easy measures. These are the steps needed to resolve Optonline email issues.


    How to Contact Optonline Customer Service Live Person via Phone Number

    If you wish to contact Optonline by phone, please follow the following steps:


    Go to the Optonline official website.

    The Support button is on the home page.

    Choose the Contact Us option.

    You'll be taken to a different page, which offers several choices for connecting them.

    Click on the call button in order to call them by phone.

    Here's a list of Optonline customer service numbers.

    Select the service you are interested in.

    To make a call, click on the phone number.

    Optonline Customer Service via Chat Live Chat

    There are other options available should you be unable to contact them via phone.

    The Support option is available on Optonline's official site.

    We will get in touch with you via the dropdown menu.

    You can find the live chat option in the upper right-hand corner.

    Click the arrow to the left of the "how can we help" message.

    A conversation window will be displayed on the screen.

    Email/Message Customer Service for Optonline:

    If you're unable to contact Optonline using the above two options, you could compose an email to them describing the issue.

    On the same page for support, you will notice an icon for SMS that lets you send an email or a message.

    You must input your subject.

    Give us as much information as you can about the issue.

    Click submit to submit.

    This allows you to send them an SMS or email in the event that you want to keep a record.

    Meeting them face-to-face is a good way to connect. However, if do not want to engage in to have a conversation, or want to have your issue addressed, visit their websites for community members.


    Contact via the Community Pages:

    These include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter. Optonline could provide updates via their Instagram and Facebook pages. If you're not able to get in touch with them directly, you can watch their tutorials on YouTube.

    With the help of Optonline Technical support, you may obtain the entire Optonline-related information you need in this manner. You can find the official contact page alongside the phone numbers. The telephone lines are available during business hours.



    How to resolve Optonline Email Problems

    You can resolve the issue that's preventing you from using the Optonline email services. You can solve the issue using these methods:


    Clear Cache and Cookies

    It is important to clear all caches and cookies that have been saved on your web browser. This can cause problems in accessing Optonline Webmail services. To make your access faster, you can also delete the history of your browser and trash files from your PC.


    Your browser needs to be updated

    You may experience issues with Optonline email If you're using an old browser. Install the most recent update.


    The Internet Connection

    Most of the time, problems result from poor internet connectivity or losing signal. Optonline issues can be fixed through connecting to an active internet connection.


    Apart from that, you may call the Optonline Webmail support staff for more information on how to deal with any Optonline issues with email.