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Son Gohan GK Statues Review, Amazing Dragon Ball Figures

  • T-Rex & Light Weapon Son Gohan: The Shape of Super Saiyan 2, The Terminator of The Cell Game!

    The T-Rex studio and Light Weapon opened an order for a new product of Son Gohan with the appearance of Super Saiyan 2 in "Dragon Ball". The scale of this statue is 1/6 which will be convenient to place.

    The height of this Gohan statue is 35 centimeters, and the awe-inspiring standing posture and radiating lightning make him look very imposing! This is Son Gohan's brightest scene in the entire Dragon Ball Z, and it's very impressive.

    Son Gohan's eyes, which are portrayed with a very on-the-spot momentum, are full of determination. His muscles and clenched fists all seem to release his suppressed anger on Cell at any time.

    At the moment, the shy and timid one who used to be a little shy when he was a child has disappeared, Son Gohan become the golden Z Fighters who took over the mantle of Son Goku and vowed to destroy Cell here!

    Although the standing posture of this Son Gohan statue is simple, the special effects of rocks, lightning and arrogance in the scene are depicted a lot, and it even feels very rich.

    On the platform, the Sheron entwined in the cloud and the four-star bead are super classic elements of "Dragon Ball".


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