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Advantages and uses of intelligent ventilation

  • Ventilating the rooms of our home every day for at least ten minutes, whether it is summer or winter, is recommended for our health and well-being. However, for those rooms with no windows, such as the bathroom or kitchen, or for those days where pollution levels are very high, it is advantageous to have an intelligent ventilation system to purify the air in our home.

    Intelligent ventilation, also known as double thermodynamic flow mechanical ventilation or controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), fix aircon troubleshooting problem, cleans the air in rooms, and also helps reduce energy expenditure.

    What is the operation of intelligent ventilation systems?

    The mechanical ventilation systems are based on two air circulation networks in such a way that the air coming from outside, once it is filtered, passes through an exchanger before being taken to the rooms of the house. By automatically activating and deactivating the systems, the air in the home will always be clean and of the best quality. It should be noted that using this equipment, the fresh air entering each room will quickly reach the appropriate temperature without extra expense.

    •   The heat recovery unit allows the cold air typical of the winter season to receive up to 80% of the heat from the air that is expelled before re-entering the home. In this way, what is achieved is to introduce hot air into the rooms without losing energy.
    •   The cold recovery unit is responsible for doing just the opposite: purifying and cooling the hot air from outside before distributing it to the rooms.

    Advantages of dual flow mechanical ventilation

    Among the advantages of these ventilation systems are:

    •   It improves the quality of indoor air, which is very helpful, especially in cases of allergies. In addition, our aircon parts replacement service helps to achieve optimal comfort in interior spaces, be it at home or workplaces, naturally and uniquely.
    •   Double ventilation is also beneficial, especially in bathrooms or kitchens without windows.
    •   Thanks to this system, drafts are avoided. There are no energy or heat losses typical of traditional ventilation or opening windows.
    •   On the other hand, energy expenditure is reduced since up to 90% of the heat can be recovered. Remember that reheating the rooms after manual ventilation requires a significant energy effort.
    •   This type of ventilation also contributes to environmental care, not only because of its zero impact but also because it reduces the need to use other air conditioning devices.
    •   These equipments are designed to work automatically thanks to sensors or probes. They first measure the air quality and then adjust the parameters without having to do anything manually.

    Although its initial and installation cost may be high, intelligent ventilation could complement your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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