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Rsgoldfast - Beneath Swordcross is a large cavern area

  • The island is entered through a much smaller island to osrs fire cape service the south of itsimply named Hilt. Hilt holds an extremely small village; the biggest building is really a reception building through which you can teleport to Swordcross, in your respective mode. Hilt additionally holds the Looter's Guild, a group of NPCs who sneak on to Swordcross to take things lost on the island, either selling them or using them for point gambling, unless Jagex decides to make this a secure minigame. Hilt also has a few shops.

    Swordcross itself, as it's a massive area, has very varied conditions and terrain on it. There are also several buildings to walk right into and two other areas of the island, both beneath and over. The mainland is the one with the diverse terrain, acquiring a wasteland, a rather pretty forest, a grassy plain, a swamp, snowy mountains, and maybe others. On the main portion of the island, anyone you fight must be within 20 levels of you. The majority of it is a Single-combat place, but there are some multi-combat spots.

    Beneath Swordcross is a large cavern area. The caverns are also somewhat diverse depending on which regions of the island they're under. The caverns are somewhat more dangerous than the primary island-- the level gap is higher. Fighters may have a 25 level gap in the caverns.

    The caverns also hold the most dangerous monsters on Swordcross, though they are the least of the worries and will not attack you when you're engaged in PvP battle. Swordcross also includes five very tall towers which take you up on a lift to a very strange area of the island.

    The Cloud-Zone. The Cloud Zone has the least amount of interruptions and structures, but that is not to say there are none. It's also the least dangerous part of Swordcross, as it's weak creatures and contains a level gap of 10. The Cloud Zone can also be the sole means of escaping the island in PvP mode, which is clarified later. This should depend on if Jagex would like to ensure it is a member or free location. Because I propose free, I'll attempt to buy rs07 fire cape make it so it's accessible to players that are free.