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How to clean your dyson air purifier filter?

  • Here's how to clean or replace your Dyson filter.
    Depending on the model of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it may have one or more filters that, once in a while, need to be cleaned for optimal operation. You can quickly and easily clean your Dyson filter.

    First, make sure the machine is off before physically turning it off.

    2. Remove the Dyson filter (s). Use the selector down below to learn more about your specific machine.

    Third, while washing the filter, always use cold water.

    (no detergent, no dishwasher, and hand-wash only). The filter is first washed under running water, and then the water is squeezed out by hand. To get crystal-clear water, just rinse and repeat.

    Drying out filters that have no liquid in them requires nothing more than leaving them in a warm place for a whole day.

    It's important to remember that you shouldn't dry the filter in the microwave, the dryer, or over a naked flame.

    Replace your old filters number five.