Precious as well as semiprecious rocks


    It is very important for any person to recognize the distinction between a gemstone as well as a semiprecious stone, yet it is a lot more crucial for the vendor of it, since that will depend upon the commercialization value of the piece.

    We have known about treasures that have actually set you back numerous dollars, and also whatever will certainly depend upon those qualities that establish their authenticity or not.


    The range of Mohs dates back to 1812, and also was made to identify on a numerical scale how resistant these minerals are called gems, when based on scratching or cutting of another mineral. As it ends up, the ruby is the only one that inhabits the 10th setting on that scale. We have Synthetic opal available for sale.

    In this scale are other products that allow a research laboratory test to determine the scale of each mineral that we know, although it holds true, the scale has more than 200 years as well as is not an absolutely infallible approach, it is taken as a referral to categorize each mineral, along with other examinations that must be done.

    Residence of valuable and also semi gemstones

    It is important to understand, that a treasure should have which attributes to consider it as valuable, semiprecious or artificial rock. There are several aspects to measure, the main ones are:


    Within this feature the important things is to take into consideration the colour, there is a classification based on the colour of the rock, these are: With very own colour (idiochromatic), colour by pollutants (alchromatic), with optical impacts (pseudo chromatic), gems with colour such as Green amethyst stone and colourless such as Synthetic blue sapphire.


    The resistance of the rock is likewise a vital function, nevertheless this does not mean that it has to be resistant versus whatever, yet that it measures how much resistance the rock has, that is, if it falls within the category of: dividing, crack or resistance to the chemical as well as physical representatives.

    Rarity or trouble to obtain

    The reality that the stones are acquired from nature itself and that can not be "duplicated" by any type of human equipment with the same characteristics as the original such as Lab made sapphire, make the trouble of achieving them raises not only economic yet additionally availability value generally. We have Colombian emeralds offer for sale.

    Origin as well as growth

    It is very important to know the true beginning of each treasure, and it is specifically a geological motif, considering that they come from the earth in its initial state, which for many years have actually been created in various ways, one of them is via the cooling of lava, formations that have actually been produced in the midsts of the planet, given that this is where the best heat is concentrated and are generally made up of liquids and also solids, thus we have volcanic rocks, in addition to those that have actually undertaken changes as a result of this warmth to which they have actually been subjected; the various other is with the sedimentation of minerals such as Hydrothermal emerald.

    The gems are generally situated in the crust of the earth. Virtually never ever at a deepness above 40km, we understand that in this layer of the earth there are 3 sorts of precious rocks, igneous, metamorphic and also sedimentary.