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How to Start a Crypto Exchange platform like Remitano?

  • Starting a crypto exchange is becoming a trending business idea and many entrepreneurs are showing interest in this area. Cryptocurrency exchange websites have many revenue generation models that can generate profits. Have you decided to develop a crypto exchange website like Remitano? 

    Currently, the Remitano clone script is an effective technique for initiating the same p2p exchanges as Remitano. Remitano Clone Script is the leading peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange script and the highest profit-generating exchange business software in the cryptocurrency industry. Transactions are hassle-free, and buyers and sellers can transact directly and securely.

    This script has an escrow P2P trading option and advanced security features.  Now let's share some features of using the Remitano clone script,

    • Margin trading
    • Transactions under ADS
    • Online and offline trading
    • User-friendly admin and user dashboard
    • A ticket system that solves problems
    • Web and mobile ready
    • Various payment methods
    • Available worldwide
    • Wallet integration 

    Now let's discuss how a crypto exchange platform like Remitano works,

    Working Process of Crypto Exchange Platforms like Remitano

    Registration- First your user needs to register and be authenticated to log into your account. The verification process is via email confirmation or phone number.

    KYC/AML Verification- After mail verification, users have to complete the KYC verification to start trading on a crypto exchange platform like Remitano.

    Buy and Sell Ads- Buyers can place ads related to their needs and sellers can also place ads related to quantity, price, and payment methods.

    Escrow System- Once a buyer requests an order and finds a suitable seller, the seller will transfer the ordered crypto to escrow and send a proof via in-app chat upon completion of payment. 

    Escrow confirmation- Once the seller confirms the payment status, the escrow crypto is automatically moved directly to the buyer's wallet.

    Dispute Management- If there is any problem during the crypto transfer, the user can file an objection and it will be resolved by the administrator. 

    If you are interested in creating a cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano, you can create one easily by using a Remitano clone script in a few days. It is a relatively low-risk setup. It is beneficial for startups to start their crypto business quickly and reap more profits. 

    Now is the right time to initiate your business in the crypto world.  To get a powerful crypto exchange platform like Remitano that comprises all features per your business requirements, you need to connect with a genuine Remitano clone script development company in the crypto industry. They have well-experienced developers that help you to launch a p2p crypto exchange like Remitano within 7 days at a budget-friendly price.