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Know about famous comedian isy suttie

  • Do you know isy suttie? Do you learn why her name is trending? In recent times, many people have been searching for her character. And for this reason, we need to discuss her in this article. Let us find out about her.


    Do you know who is isy suttie? 

    Isy Suttie is a famous actress, writer and comedian. Her full name is Isobel Jane or Isy Suttie. She was born on 11 August 1978. Suttie played a prominent role in Peep Show. It is a British Sitcom. In this Peep Show, Suttie played the role of Dobby. For this role, Suttie won the Sony Radio Academy Award.


    The early life of Suttie 

    As per the resource, Suttie was born in Hull city. She has a British mother. But her father is from Scotland. Suttie's mother is a Jewish practitioner.

    In childhood, she wanted to become an actor and writer. She also played the guitar in her youth. After class twelve, she refused to learn saxophone lessons. In her teenage, Suttie was a member of the progressive rock band. The name of this band was Infinite Drift. She also studied at Highfields School in the Matlock area.


    The Writing Carrer of isy suttie 

    Isy is also a famous writer. She regularly writes for a renowned magazines like The Observer, Glamour and Guardian. She writes on social issues, drama and acting as well.


    Know the Career Graph of Suttie 

    The following description gives you a decent idea about her career graph. You will get the proper answer about her in the following details.

    • In 2000 isy suttie completed her graduation from Guildford School of acting. Suttie is a trained actor from this prestigious institution. 
    • The following year, she composed the score of Peter Weiss's play. The name of the play was Marat. 
    • In 2003, Suttie started her stand-up comedy. Many people like her comedy and performance. She also took part in BBC's radio comedy. 
    • 2005 was a remarkable year for her. She performed stand-up acts in the Comedy Zone. In 2006 Isy also acted in Dannielle Ward's "Take a Break". Isy worked with Emma Fryer and Neil Edmond. 
    • In 2007 Isy worked on a remarkable comedy in, Love Lost in the British Retail Industry. This year she also worked on some notable projects. 
    • In 2008, Isy worked as a solo artist. It was her first solo show. The name of the show was "The Suttie Show." Isy was nominated for the Female Newcomer for her work at the 2008 British Comedy Awards. 
    • In 2010, Suttie worked with famous folk musician Gavin Osborn. In the same year, she also worked with Jim Bob. With Alan Davies, she played a character. The name of the character was Kiki. People liked this role and appreciated it. 
    • In 2011, Suttie played a psycho-killer role in Leicester Square. It was a famous theatre. It was regarded as one of the famous theatres played by her. The same year, Suttie again worked with Jim Bob in Nine Lesson and Carlos for Godless People. For this role, Suttie was nominated for Female Breakthrough Artist Award. Isy also worked in the short film "God of Loneliness." The film was directed by Chris Boyle. 


    The Movies and Television Shows 

    Suttie also worked in movies and television shows. Her famous television show is Hoblby City. She also worked in The Trouble with Love. In this drama she played Mary Shelley's character. As an actress, isy suttie also worked in Amazing Will and Greg for Channel 4. She worked on two episodes of the famous television drama Skins for the same channel.


    Isy Suttie won many awards for her acting and comedy performance. Won the following awards such as:

    Daily Telegraph Jazz Competition in 1995.

    Julian Slade Songwriting Competition in 1998

    Chortle Awards in 2005.