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How to Use Cotton Canvas Fabric For Bags

  • You must have noticed Louis Vuitton’s canvas bag collection getting popular lately. Cotton canvas fabric which was earlier denounced due to its rough texture and odd looks, is making its way to international designer houses. Let’s find out how cotton canvas fabric is being used in bag making. 

    1. As Internal Bag Lining

    Cotton canvas fabric is perfect for tote bag lining due to its sturdiness. Due to its water-resistant property and tensile strength, the canvas is preferred to be used as an internal bag lining.


    Cotton canvas fabric for bags is used in two ways. Either the entire bag is made with cotton canvas fabric, or some part of it is made using cotton canvas fabric. In the case of the internal lining, only the bag lining is made using cotton canvas fabric. 

    1. As Fabric of Choice for Grocery Bags

    Cotton canvas fabric also comes in handy as a material for grocery bags. They are lightweight and can carry vast quantities of substances without tearing apart. Many brands prefer to design grocery bags with slogans using cotton canvas fabric.


    Grocery bags, tent bags, tiffin bags, etc., require the strength that cotton canvas fabric offers to bags.  

    1. As Aesthetically Appealing Bags

    You can even use cotton canvas fabric to design elegant handbags with aesthetic appeal. Designer handbag brands like Carolina Herrera have been using cotton canvas fabric to bring a new design element to their bags. 

    Benefits of Using Cotton Canvas Fabric For Bags:

    • Cotton canvas fabric is used for bags because of its durability and strength. 
    • It is incredibly lightweight, making it a fabric of choice for many industries.  
    • It is water-resistant. This makes it ideal for tiffin bag material, grocery bags, and other utility bags. 

    Shoulder bags, handbags, totes, and even backpacks employ cotton canvas fabric for their unique properties.