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4 Tips To Improve Your Life Performances

  • Here are some tips on making sure that once you step into the spotlight, the people stay – and listen. I’ve seen so many live performances with terrible high end frequencies due to no sound baffles.

    Film your shows so that you know how you look.

    It’s a good idea to film your shows so that you have a good understanding of how you look in front of the crowd. I’m not saying that you should fork out a couple thousand dollars, but just take a tripod, stick a camera on it and let it roll. Sound on sound have a great article that goes deep into how to record your live gigs if you wanted to go deeper into it.

    Always treat your crowd with a lot of respect

    You’re probably thinking to yourself, I always do that anyway. Well, are you standing for all of your shows? Are you engaging with the crowd when you get the chance? Are you giving them some type of storyline that they can follow so that they can connect with your songs better? Remember, most of the time these people spent money to see you – or if you’re just volunteering to do a live gig, they’re spending time to listen to you. Treat them with respect and make them feel good, it’ll make the world of a difference to your gigs

    Have a set list of songs and don’t just wing it

    Performing live is not just all about “feeling the moment”. Our favourite rock stars and performers will make this seem easy, but it isn’t that easy, especially for amateur performers who are just starting out. It’s important to mix up your ballads, your mid tempos and your up tempo songs. If you just end up performing 4 or 5 ballads in a row, your crowd will begin to get disinterested and fatigued. Keep your set list diverse and it will make you feel ten times better.

    Make sure your sound quality is good

    This is the biggest part of it – practice good mic technique, make sure that your guitar is tuned, make sure you use the right acoustic treatment systems to reduce bleed from instruments into other nearby microphones on stage and naturally dampen the delicate high-end frequencies that can otherwise cut through live mixes. An example of this is cymbal shields – perfect to reduce that feedback.

    I hope these four tips will help you in your live performances in the future. Live performances are either one of the best things or the worst things. It will always be nerve racking the first few times but you’ll get through it – follow these steps to make sure you get the best results. The best tip is number 4 – remember to invest in a sound baffle when you get the chance, this is a round circle clear plexiglass that you can put on your drums to reduce audio bleed. Best of luck!