Travel Tips Before You Go

  • Oh the joys of traveling! I love to travel whenever I can. My cat, Frisky, does not like to travel. Here are some things I've found that help me prepare for a trip.

    1. Pack when the cat is asleep. Frisky lives up to his name. I've found him "helping" me by removing all of the clothes out of my bag and then hiding in it. I guess he figured he was the only thing I needed with me. 
    2. If you need to board your pets, make sure that your pet is not near loud dogs. Small dogs and cats do not like being near big, loud dogs. When you get back, you'll find your pet's nerves frazzled and then he/she will be mischievous once home. Mine left presents in my shoes for a week.
    3. If you have elderly relatives that you care for, find a good friend that they get along with to watch over them while you are gone. It really helps if they like the same things too, such as watching The Golden Girls for a marathon weekend.
    4. If bringing your pet with you, have some treats and their favorite toys packed. Some airlines are pet friendly and allow small travel crates as your carry on luggage. Ask in advance.
    5. Traveling by auto can be fun. Make time for pit stops so your pet can get out and stretch their legs. Cats can learn to be on a leash if trained well in advance. I recommend it as your pet will love getting out and walking around a bit.
    6. Look for hotels that are pet friendly if you want to travel with your pet. There are some great ones out there.
    7. Have a neighbor watch over your place while you are gone. It's great if you get some of those automated switches that turn on/off lights and tvs so it looks like someone is home.
    8. Stop the newspaper and mail deliveries. This is one of the must do things. Letting these pile up outside your door or in your mailbox is a sure signal to thieves that you're not home.

    Those are just a few tips. I hope they help you!