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Why you should use a motion sensor switch for your home

  • Why you should use a motion sensor switch for your home

    Motion sensor switches make it easy to control lighting in your residence. They can reduce energy consumption and help prevent you from falling over objects. They make your home more secure from burglars or vandals. Many companies make these switches. Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch is a top choice, as well as Topgreener TDOS5J. These switches are affordable and available in various levels of sensitivity. Enerlites MWOS occupancy sensor switch, which is one the most sensitive switches on the market, is another option.

    Energy savings

    A motion sensor switch can be a smart way to cut down on energy. These devices can reduce your energy use dramatically in certain situations. A typical light bulb uses around 100 watts of energy to run for 14 hour, but a motion sensor only requires one-fifth. This means you can save lots of money if you use your lights only when you're at work.

    There is one problem with motion sensors, however: They have a high energy consumption. They use as little as one watt in standby mode. While they use up to a watt of energy in standby mode, active mode uses only five. Motion sensors are estimated to save $0.11 per hour.

    Avoid tripping over objects

    Motion sensor lighting is a great choice for home security. These can be mounted in many locations including patio doors and fences. You can use them in areas of your yard where it is often dark like under bushes or trees. This feature will prevent intruders trying to break into your house. Dial control allows you to set the timer for a motion sensor light.

    Energy-efficient lighting

    You can reduce your electricity bills by using motion sensors for lighting control. These switches automatically turn on when a person enters a room. After a certain period, they will shut down. They can make your home more efficient and energy-efficient. Motion sensors can be helpful for those who have difficulty remembering to turn off their lights before they go to bed.

    Motion sensors have become increasingly popular. They can be used for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. One college installed motion sensors lighting in its dormitories and found that energy consumption was reduced by 22 percent. The school was able not only to save energy but also cut down on its coal use. Students were pleased with the results of the project and wanted to see it expanded across campus. It is estimated that the school can save between $4279 - $5788 each year by using motion sensors.

    Moving sensor switches

    A motion sensor switch can be used to switch the lights on and/or off. It replaces a standard single pole wall switch. There are many wiring options available for different models. Some include a wire connecting to the power light LED. Others do not. The neutral circuit wire is not included in the other types of switches. Make sure to review the wiring diagram on your model to ensure that it matches the wiring in your fixture.

    Motion sensor light switches detect movement and automatically turn on/off lighting when someone walks in the room. Some switches are active sensors, while others have a passive sensor. The performance of your device will be affected by which type of sensor you use.